Connecticut High School Hockey Playoffs: Division 2 Predictions

The Division 2 boy’s ice hockey state tournament is about as wide open as it’s been in years. While there are a few “serious contenders”, depending on who comes to play, really anyone can take it. Click here to view our full D2 bracket!

That said, we think this is the year that the FCIAC finally breaks the SCC’s three-year hold on the D2 Championship. Of the teams in play, our pick for 2010-2011 D2 boy’s hockey champ is Wilton. Anybody, can pick the “favorites”. This may be a bit of stretch given their second-half struggles this season (3-6-0 in February), but there’s a lot to like about the Warriors:

1.) Experienced Goaltending: Senior captain Kevin O’Connell is a three-year starter and leader for the Warriors.

2.) Offense from Defense: In addition to speedy forwards Matt Kobyra and Alex Pagliaro, the Wilton offense is buoyed by a pack of offensive-minded defensemen. Pat Holland, Kamil Gosiewski and John Meissner have all contributed significantly to the Warriors’ offensive punch this season. That extra dimension to the offense is something that 1.) many teams do not have, and 2.) that many teams will have trouble defending.

It should be noted that Holland & Co. also sport some hefty shots.

Why Guilford won’t win it:
Their lack of depth is a concern after a long season. They also played a relatively weak schedule (seven D3 opponents) compared to some of the other teams in the field.

Why Cheshire won’t win it:
Two reasons, actually:

  1. Max Bigler
  2. George Donnarumma

Those two gentlemen are the goaltenders who helped carry the Rams to championships in 2006 & 2009. They’re both long gone. Goaltending is a big question for this season’s Cheshire squad and it is our hunch that it will also be their undoing in the playoffs.

Click here to view our D2 playoff bracket!

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