Ten Questions With: Ethan Holdaway

Ethan Holdaway

Former Glastonbury High School hockey standout Ethan Holdaway, playing this season at Westminster.

In this week’s installment of 10 Questions With…, Ethan Holdaway discusses his current PG year at Westminster School and his recent committment to join the Trinity College men’s hockey team.  An All-State selection last season at Glastonbury High School, Holdaway led the Tomahawks to an appearance in the 2012 D1 Connecticut state hockey championship game.


NUTMEG HOCKEY: Despite some other offers after your junior year, you decided to stay at Glastonbury High School and finish out your high school hockey career in 2011-2012. To many people on the outside, it seemed you had little left to prove at that level. Why did you opt to stay?

ETHAN HOLDAWAY: I stayed at Glastonbury for my senior year was because I really enjoyed playing there, and I felt that we had a solid team with a reasonable shot at the State Championship. Another reason why I decided to stay was because I wanted to finish high school where I had started. I also liked the idea of playing for my own hometown /community for one last year.

NUTMEG HOCKEY: After completing your high school hockey career at Glastonbury, you have chosen to do a post-grad year at Westminster School this season. Why did you choose the prep school route versus playing a year or two of junior hockey?

ETHAN HOLDAWAY: I decided to go the prep school route opposed to the junior hockey route because prep school has both great hockey and academics. I felt that it was important to stay in full time school so that I could continue to develop academically, and I also was very impressed with the hockey after attending a few prep games. After visiting Westminster, I decided that it was the best fit academically and athletically for me.

NUTMEG HOCKEY: How has the transition from high school hockey to prep school hockey been so far for you?

ETHAN HOLDAWAY: It took a little while for me to get used to the faster pace and more physical games, however, I played in the Fall Prep League which helped me to be better prepared for the regular season. I have also found that little mistakes can cost you a lot at the prep school level, and that little plays can make a big difference in the outcome of a game.

NUTMEG HOCKEY: Who are some of the top players you faced so far this year at Westminster?

ETHAN HOLDAWAY: In my opinion some of the top players I have faced so far this year are Tyler Hill (Hotchkiss), Anthony Sabitsky (Milton), Nick Roberto (Kimball Union), and Joey Dudek (Kimball Union). I thought all of those players were very skilled forwards and constant scoring threats.

NUTMEG HOCKEY: You recently committed to play hockey for Trinity College next fall. How did you decide that Trinity was the right fit for you – both athletically and academically?

ETHAN HOLDAWAY: After watching a few of the Trinity games this year, I was really impressed by their skill and grit, which made it an easy decision from an athletic standpoint. Aside from hockey, I decided that Trinity was the right fit because I was also very impressed with their campus and their academic reputation.

NUTMEG HOCKEY: What are your biggest strengths as a player?

ETHAN HOLDAWAY: I think that some of my strengths as a player are speed and competitiveness.

NUTMEG HOCKEY: What professional (or college) player do you pattern your style after?

ETHAN HOLDAWAY: I like to try and model my game after Rich Peverley of the Boston Bruins. I have watched him a lot over the past couple years (unfortunately not this year) and I really like how he uses his speed and competes hard every game. I think he is a very consistent player who comes ready to play every night, which is something I try to strive for as well.

NUTMEG HOCKEY: Who has had the biggest influence on your hockey career to date and why?

ETHAN HOLDAWAY: My dad has been the biggest influence on my hockey career so far and he has been supporting me since I first started playing. He is always at the games, and he is there for feedback and support when I need it. Tim Joncas, Ken Barse, Mike Sufrin, Craig Cushing, Bryan Healy, and Tom Ford are just a few of the coaches that have also been a positive influence towards my hockey career.

NUTMEG HOCKEY: What advice do you have for other young players coming up that want to take their game to the next level?

ETHAN HOLDAWAY: Just to keep working hard on and off the ice, and have fun while doing it. I believe that it is important to surround yourself with other players who are also looking to take their game to the next level because they will motivate you and make you better. In addition, only a very select group has the opportunity to play competitive hockey beyond college, so make the most of every game you play because it goes by very fast.

NUTMEG HOCKEY: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

ETHAN HOLDAWAY: In ten years I would like to own my own business, or at least be working somewhere in the business field. Also I would like to be coaching hockey somewhere.

Thanks, Ethan. Best of luck to you next year at Trinity.

Ethan Holdaway SEASON: 2011-2012
TEAM: Glstonbury High School Tomahawks
STATS: 33g, 26a, 59pts2010 Hartford Courant Fab Fifteen All-Courant, First Team
2011 All-CCC, North
2011 CHSCA All State, Division 1, First Team
2011 Hartford Courant Fab Fifteen All-Courant, First Team
2011 New Haven Register All State, First Team
2012 CHSCA All State, Division 1, First Team
2012 Hartford Courant Fab Fifteen All-Courant, First Team
2012 New Haven Register All State, First Team
2012 All-CCC, North
2012 Connecticut High School Hockey Senior All-Star Game MVP